I first learned about Ebru while in high school.
Now I want to share the joy of Ebru with you.
I use of color theory and many techniques I learned in
college while creating Ebru. While making Ebru
I see colors form shapes never known before;
a surface rich in detail.
I experience the matchless beauty
of nature and of the creation: the mysteries of birth.
Ebru is a work of love and a paragon
of patience. Rich motifs emerge as
drops of paint are diffused on the
water’s surface. The Greek thinker Heraclitus said,
“You can never step into the same
river twice. ”

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”This is true for Ebru and
the Ebru tray.Designs that form from
drops of paint on the surface of water are transient.
Unwilling ever to be repeated they long to instantly reach
their lovers. In this tray you can see the reason leaves
and stones exist. Ebru is an art, molded in Anatolian
lands at the hands of masters. We should praise those
who have given their hearts to Ebru, who have kept this
ancient art form alive to our day. I give thanks to all
who have so labored. Today hundreds of people in
America, from seven to seventy, have learned about Ebru.
These Ebru lovers know what it is to wait patiently by
the Ebru tray, unable to walk away. They watch and wait.
They want to make the water come alive with color.
They show that Ebru is a work of love. With heart full of
love, I embrace these friends who have come to share
this passion with me. As an artist sometimes I fall short. There are points I miss.But I also experience confidence and a growing maturity. Every time I set up my Ebru tray I long to surpass the beauty and passion of my previous creations. The more I share this dream with others, the more wonderful it becomes. I want this dream to go on forever.On other waters, in yet another dream,
I hope we will have the chance to meet. I will be happy to see you at my exhibition.

Yours affectionately...

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