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My name is Bingul Sevimli and I was born in Akhisar, Turkey. I graduated from the Uludag University with a BA in Art & Graphic Design Education. For 13 years I was an Art Instructor in various cities in Turkey. I’ve been in America for 6 years and now I teach at the my home. My first exposure to the art of Ebru was in highschool. I decorated my art portfolio covers with marbling ebru designs and liked it very much.


My university professor’s marbling technique became my guide to teaching this special art to my students. In Bursa, I taught cancer patients this art using cloth. Then we sold their creations. Producing ebru creations can have a positive psychological affect in the healing process.
In America I was asked if I knew this art. I can adequately pass on to the next generation the techniques of ebru, which originated in Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. As an up-and-coming expert, I hope to teach this art in the best way possible. I also find passing on the ancient history of this art fascinating.
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